Indian Railways Enquiry (139): Talk to a customer care executive

Chennai-Mysore Shatabdi Express, standing in the Mysore railway station in India

Today, 139 is the one nation-wide enquiry number to call for all railway (train) passenger enquiries in India.

Just call 139 from any village, town or city in India (without prefixing STD code) to get information regarding all basic train enquiries like PNR status, train arrival & departure, accommodation availability , fare enquiry, etc.

But did you know that you can also talk to a customer care executive for any train running and reservation related enquiries? Here's how:

  1. Call 139.
  2. Select your preferred language (e.g. press 2 for English).
  3. Select Fare Enquiry (e.g. press 4).
  4. When asked to enter the train number, enter a random (wrong) train number, and do so again when asked to repeat correctly. Alternatively, simply press * (asterisk/star) instead of the train number.
  5. You'll be connected to a customer service executive.

FYI, you can also dial *139# to avail the USSD facility for train enquiry. All the said features are accessible from all service providers in India.

Source: IRCTC Customer Care Representative

(Image: Wikipedia by Pratheep)

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